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Moving to 4.2 from a Joomla-based system (repost - my original post never showed up)

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  • Moving to 4.2 from a Joomla-based system (repost - my original post never showed up)


    We're currently using Joomla, with 3rd party modules for forum and blogs, as well as custom developed modules for some of our specialized user applications. Nothing is very well integrated. The forum module is no longer being supported / produced, and it's very non-friendly. We can't upgrade our core Joomla because of this.

    We're looking at vBulletin, and it seems like 4.2 is where we should be looking.

    -Can we somehow get a demo of 4.2?

    -If we purchase a 5.0 license, can we install the 4.2 version on a server to which only our admin team has access, by IP address only, to test, develop, and migrate? Then, we would remove the software from that test server, install on our production server, and complete the live migration there.

    -Can we import our existing forum data into vBulletin fairly easily? If not, are there any big "gotchas" in running the appropriate SQL scripts to import?

    -Is there an API to integrate some of our custom code into the blog, so that if a user executes one of our custom applications, he can export this to a blog by clicking a button? If not an API, is there db documentation so that we know what columns we need to populate?

    -Does each user in 4.2 get a blog automatically when they register?

    -Can we somehow develop a Single Sign on so that we create a Joomla user account, and this automatically creates a vBulletin user account? I see there are "bridges" available for some of this, do they work?



    EDIT: I should also add that we have a library of about 1,000 articles that we wish to manage, and we actively publish articles on a monthly basis. Can the CMS in 4.2 handle this, and give us search functionality, etc., and integration with the forum for article discussion?
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    Joomla is not supported for import by our importing tool, Impex, so you would need to code some sort of custom importing script to bring your data to vBulletin.

    If you buy a VB5 license yes you can run/install VB 4.x if you wish. You can also have 1 private "test" or "development" install so long as it's not open to the public. (Usually done via password protection but IP protection is fine too.)

    There are no downloadable demos available.

    We have online trials of VB5 and VB4 available at:

    There is a mobile API but you would more than likely use our plugins/hooks system for developing any custom applications.

    All users CAN get a blog if you give the default usergroup permission to have blogs.

    You'd make your life easier to use the vBulletin log in system and integrate any custom code to use that than the other way around. We do not support modified code or 3rd party plugins though in either case.

    VB 4.2 can handle 1000's of articles, yes... Article discussion takes place under the article or in a "thread" view of comments for the article- Each article basically gets its own thread for comments. I suggest you check out the articles on this site for an idea how it will work.


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      Thanks! I appreciate your input on this. We'll take a look at the online 4 trial, but it sounds like everything is doable with a little bit of elbow grease - - - or a lot of coding monkeys!




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        There is a Joomla CMS importer within our Impex tool which should work however it's not currently supported.
        Vote for:

        - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
        *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
        - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
        - "Quick Route" Interface...


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          Sorry about that, they hid the CMS list on me.

          There is an importer for Joomla 1.5, it may need some tweaking but it will be a good start for anyone you get to do the import.


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