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Upgrading from 3.7.3 to cloudversion possible? Alternatives? Hiring developer?

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  • Upgrading from 3.7.3 to cloudversion possible? Alternatives? Hiring developer?

    For years I'm running a small forum using vbulletin 3.7.3 with vbseo. Partly because the forum isn't responsive, I want to move to the cloud version. Is it possible to upgrade my forum to the cloud version? And if not, what's the best alternative? I'm also interested in finding a developer to do the migration.

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    I assume that it is not possible due to this announcement from Nov. 2014:

    Originally posted by Wayne Luke
    We're excited to announce a new service that allows migration of your vBulletin 4 or vBulletin 5 database to our Cloud system.
    vB3 is excluded there.


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      Actually, if you're on vBulletin 3 and would like to migrate to cloud, open a ticket and we can help get that sorted for you.


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        @Zachery, thanks. I did that about a week ago, but got no response so far... Is it possible to make 3.7.3 responsive? If not, how to achieve that in the most simple (and least expensive) way? Upgrading to VB4?
        @TLMD Thank you too!


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        3.7.3 is obsolete and unsupported, but to make any version of vBulletin 3 responsive you'd need to buy a custom style. "Responsive" didn't exist when vB3's style was written.

        Also, just to be clear, we can import your vB3 site to Cloud, but then it will be running vB5. The Cloud platform only runs vB5.

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          Ok, thanks for your answer. I have two additional questions:

          1. Do URL's stay the same in the cloud/vB5-version (because of SEO) as my current 3.7.3 URL's?
          2. Is vB5 responsive or do you just offer the mobile app?

          Thanks again!


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            The URLs will change. The directory structure you currently have is not possible to keep with vBCloud. There can be no folder/directory name after the domain name. You can use for example or but not

            VB5's default style is responsive. No mobile apps are available for vBCloud.


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