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  • Mobile apps features and benifits

    I am interested in providing a better mobile app for my members and visitors. The free version that comes with versions 4x and 5x work ok but there is no way to monitize it. Also it doesn't have any picture upload capabilities. When I look at the premium app it seems to have the same features with addition of picture upload capabilities. At $199.00 per licence this is by far the most expensive app on the market so maybe someone can tell me what do I get for $199.00 that Tapatalk doesn't have for free and they offer a monitization package that has a CPM rate of $1.50.

    What are the benifits of vB mobile app?

    I want to use the VB app to maintain continuity between my sites but with 5 forums and soon to be 7 I just want to know what I'm getting.
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    You're comparing different things, What is free in VB4 is a Mobile Style, and what is free in VB5 is the fact the main style is responsive and designed to work on mobile devices.

    The fact you can't upload pictures via the mobile web browser is a limitation of your mobile browser or device, you could upload on VB5 if your browser supported it- but virtually all mobile browsers do not support uploads from the browser for security reasons.

    You can put ads in the VB4 mobile style if you edit the templates directly but it would not be recommended nor supported.

    The VB Mobile Suite is a custom app branded specific to your forum- users can only use it to access your forum and nowhere else. You choose the graphics and the colors for your app. You can put in ads, and/or you could even charge for the app.

    Finally the free Tapatalk you are comparing it to is a general app that thousands of forums use. Which is fine if you don't mind not having control over the app being used to access your site. If you were to buy the custom branded Tapatalk app it would be more expensive than the VB Mobile Suite.


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      Thank you for the reply.
      When you say picture upload is a limitation of the browser, I don't understand what you mean. My members upload pictures all the time with Tapatalk. As for the control over the app that accesses the site, that is the dilema. I have 200k visitors of which many already use Tapatalk. It is a scary move to dictate to users how they will access my forums. In a mobile world people use what they want to use not what I dictate they should use.

      Is there a forum I can join that uses your app that I can download and try? ...or is their a trial version of the app?


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        Tapatalk is an app, you are not using a mobile browser when you use tapatalk. Apps allow you to upload images. That is a major benefit of using an app over a browser.

        You can search for the vBulletin Community Forum app in either the apple app store or Google Play store and that is the mobile app to access this community. Your app would be very similar but have customized colors and logo graphics.

        The apps are the same regardless the version of vBulletin being used on the site (3, 4, or 5.)


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          I want to try VB Mobile Suite, but it doesn't appear to be available as an add on to vb5, How do I purchase and get VB Mobile Suite on my forum?


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            I did try the app and it worked well although limited. I have since been using forumrunner which I believe is also a VB product. This is the best app I have seen for layout and usability. Unfortunately out of the 5 people testing it the app crashed uploading pictures every time. Two were iphones the other 3 are droids.

            I would like to test the premier version of the app. Can you recommend a forum to test this on?


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              ForumRunner is no longer being offered as a premium/branded product.

              To purchase the VB Mobile Suite go to, log in with your customer info, go to Purchases, go to Add-ons, choose the license of the forum you want to attach the Mobile Suite to, and the Mobile Suite will be an available add-on product.


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                I've been trying to do that but it say's.. Mobile Suite Upgrade (vB3/vB4 Only) $199.00

                I'm using VB5, wouldn't that be an issue? why vb3/vb4 Only?


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                  Sorry that is just a typo- it's the same suite for all versions of vBulletin. I will put in a request that get fixed. Thank You


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                    Thanks Joe, will go ahead and get it then.


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