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  • Two questions...

    I was thinking of buying an additional Vbulletin license but I had a few questions.

    I was wondering how long 4.x will be supported for in terms of security updates once Vb5 goes up. I have kind of grown to like Vbulletin 4 and would like to keep using it for a long while.

    Will Vbulletin 5 Connect be compatible with ie7 and ie8? I still think a lot of people use those browsers unfortunately and would like to be able to have those people as users too. From what I see there are a few things that I don't like about vb5, but maybe things will change, because I'd like to keep using Vbulletin stuff.


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    There is no guaranteed time VB4 will remain supported in terms of security updates but we still support VB 3.8.7 for security updates- it is very likely VB4 will receive security updates (at least the final version of VB4, whatever that may be) for a long time to come. VB4 will be getting at least one and possibly more minor version upgrades even after VB5 is released, so it is not only still supported but still under development.

    Further even when VB5 does get officially released it will still be some time before the CMS and other "missing" features are added back into the system, so no one is expecting everyone to upgrade the day VB5 goes gold.

    I would imagine we are talking "years" not "months" before security updates end for VB4 but that is just a guess based on past experience- there is no formal policy.


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      Thanks. Any idea about the other question as well?


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        Oh sorry about that. IE 7 is NOT supported by VB5. In fact IE7 support officially ended with VB 4.1.12- Now, that isn't to say you can't use IE7 but we will no longer be accepting/fixing "bugs" that only happen on IE7.


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