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Planning to Buy vBulletin, Need more info ..

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  • Planning to Buy vBulletin, Need more info ..

    Hi VB Team,

    I am planning to buy vBulletin for my site's forum & support requirements. Since I have very specific technical requirements I would like to know how much can vBulletin help me in achieving the same. Please tell if all of the following is possible with VB:

    Q1. : I need to run different forums/threads, one for public and one for private members. The Private Forums/Threads are accessible only to private members but private members can access the public forum/threads without having to register again.

    Q2. : The private members would require to validate their membership for that particular forum/thread using a code(which I'll validate using an API call from a third party). So if a private member is a member to private thread A then in order to gain access to private thread B she'll have to validate by entering another code for thread B.

    Q3. : I should be able to create support forms i.e the icons specific to these forums should show Unsolved Query/Solved Query statuses.

    Q4. : I should be able to give paid memberships for some forums which expires after a given timeline.. example: User A has access to private Forum B but only valid for 30 days, after 30 days user A would not be able to access forum B.

    Q5. : I should be able to host time based "contests" forums for private members/ Members validated for private threads/ Public members. After the time has elapsed the forum commenting is closed.

    Q6. : How easy is forum's integration with WordPress? I'll have to migrate my existing forum from BBPress to vBulletin, how easy is this?

    Q7. : How easy it is to style the forum like my existing forum

    Lastly, I need an excellent spam prevention system..

    Out of above requirements, I need to know what all is possible if I go with vBulletin.

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    Q1 - Yes this is accomplished with usergroups and forum permissions, no problem. You create usergroups for "private" users which have access to private forums. Everyone has access to public forums.

    Q2 - This would only be possible via custom coding, there is nothing built in to use random codes for changing usergroups. Definitely possible but you would need to find or hire someone to make it possible/

    Q3 - You can create "Thread Prefixes" that can be icons showing solved/unsolved status.

    Q4 - Yes, Paid Subscriptions (via PayPal) are available and work as you describe- again with usergroups and forum permissions. (EDIT - In VB 4.x paid subscriptions work as described. They have not yet been added to VB5 Beta)

    Q5 - You would need a custom mod to auto close topics after X days, I believe something similar is available on

    Q6 - Not easy IMO but people manage basic integration with WordPress. You would need to use Impex to import from BBPress- I've never seen it before, but here is the Impex manual, BBPress is listed as a Tier 2 system-

    Q7 - Depends on your ability to edit HTML/CSS - Your current site doesn't look very complicated but would still be difficult for someone with no VB experience.

    Q8 - vBulletin has basic anti spam protection but many users download free additional 3rd party plugins from - Official support is not available for 3rd party plugins, you get support from the mod authors if they offer it.
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      Finally as per JOE , u r getting all your requirements | |


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        Though I have almost made up my mind to go for vBulletin, but I'll first go for a trial version , setup things on our localhost.
        Do you provide a trial version of VB v5?


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          Sorry we do not have trial versions to download.

          Trial is online off our own servers -


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            I was reminded by someone that Paid Subscriptions are NOT yet available in VB 5.x- I was basing the answer to my questions on our latest stable version, VB 4.2.0. Paid Subscriptions are available in VB 4.x and are expected to be added back to VB5 in the future.


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