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change my buy from upgrade to new buying of vb5?

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  • change my buy from upgrade to new buying of vb5?

    this is my tiket to vbulletin sell department:
    I buy vb upgrade from vb4 to vb5 by 209$
    if I bought vb5 connect I must paid 249$
    if I pay 40$ again can I change my buy from upgrade to new buying of vb5?
    in other hand I want change my latest buying to buy new license of vb5 connect and I have license vb4 and vb5 separately.
    you know vb5 not has very mod like vb4 and I trust you to buy vb5
    so help me buy vb5 for testing and I have separate licence vb4 for my real site.
    thanks in advance

    this is thire response:

    We are unable to exchange your license upgrade for a new separate license.

    You must purchase another license if you would like to run two separate forums.

    vBulletin Solutions

    now my question is why?!
    why :
    We are unable to exchange your license upgrade for a new separate license...I do bad that trust to you?!!!!!
    you know your vb5 is bag full I buy it because I trust to your company and I ask have two license that when vb 5 is complete I can move to it and use it for develop my mod.
    any way I think is not good action with your old customers ... we must go from Vbulletin because they are very rigid and I want have my vb4 support.
    why I must lost my support buy buying vb5 in vb4 if I use it?

    i am agree
    i am not agree
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    I see your purchase of the VB5 upgrade was two months ago. You should reply to the ticket/email if you have questions- we can't answer such questions on the forum. We are support personnel and this is a question for the Sales department.

    Be aware however you are allowed to create a "test site" that you can use for mod development or whatever you want so long as the second forum is not accessible to the public. Usually this is accomplished by putting the 2nd forum behind an .htaccess password.


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      Joe D . thanks for reply
      I know this in two months ago I can not create my site...and I can not find my add on you can see that, however,as a vbulletin user I expect you accept this because I don't want refund I want pay more than before for have a additional license ... you can see I trust you and find your corporation honest that want help to his allegiant customer.on that time I think I can create a responsive site for music but I see I can not , however because I love vbulletin so I want have each licence .
      please kindly help me that resolve my mistake.
      urljet best-vbulletin-host


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        A appreciate your post however as I said before we are support representative and have no authority over the sales department. You can write back to the email or ticket you have open. There is no way to get help for this on the forum, so I must close this topic. I hope you find a happy resolution.


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