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Good for a play-by-post game?

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  • Zachery
    1. You can customize the software's appearance. THe limit is your html/css skills.
    2. You can setup custom profile fields
    3. There is no "points system" built in. There may be third party addons.
    4. Same as 3.
    5. In vB4, important events get notifications (pm's, etc), other events don't get notifications. vB5 does do a better notification system. However neither version doe username mentions without a third party addon.
    6. Same as 3.
    7. As per one, the limit will be your html/css skills.

    vBulletin 5 is a moderately rewritten version of vBulletin, it is currently in beta and performance is not where we want it. We're working on resolving that.

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  • kbowen0188
    started a topic Good for a play-by-post game?

    Good for a play-by-post game?


    I am looking for a forum software, quite obviously. There are a list of features and things that matter to me, and I figured I would come to the forums and find people's opinion on these features, and which client does them better. I have done my own personal research, and still seem torn. I would like to keep this free of biase if possible, though I know that can be rough to request, since there are obviously going to be biased opinions. But, at least I am asking, yes? :]

    I am looking to create a play by post RPG. For those of you who might not know, a PbP rpg is something of an online version of dungeons and dragons. You have two people posting back and forth in one thread together, weaving a story from the viewpoint of a character they each control. A fancy writing game, if you will.
    There are several things I would like this fancy writing game to have.

    -Appeal to the eye is a MUST. I will likely be paying for a prettier skin since I don't have near the experience needed. But, this thing has to look good. Very good.

    -Editable user profiles. Being able to make custom profile fields that they have to fill out upon registration.
    -Point System. A point system would be nice, but not absolutely required. I would like to be able to manually award people points, and then have them spend those points on awards that I can design.

    -Achievements/Trophies/Badges. I would like a nice looking system that allows me to award people pretty badges that would go to their profile, and/or under their avatar.

    -Alerts. I don't know if this makes sense, but something like a Facebook notification system when their posts are responded to, or their username is mentioned.

    -An extremely good-looking Wiki, or ability to meld with Mediawiki. The lore for this game will be massive, as my partners and I are designing our own world. we want something that easily integrates with the software at hand.

    -Somewhat easy to modify. I have SOME minor experience with CSS. I can do a lot with backgrounds, colors, content, font, blah blah blah... so I would like the option to easily tinker.

    I understand that most of these things are likely available as add-ons. In posting this, I am trying to reach out to people who may have used these add-ons, and have more of a hands-on idea as to how good they are, at least compared to my knowledge.

    Also, I have a major concern I would like some opinions on. I have heard a ton of negative things on VB 5.0, why? D:
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