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Might sound a bit of a stupid question(s)...

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  • Might sound a bit of a stupid question(s)...

    Please don't shoot me down for asking, but I haven't been here for ages....

    Has the whole of this Vbulletin site been created using the new VB5? I mean the main page, not just the forum?
    If so, it looks pretty amazing and will certainly interested in buying.

    Which brings me on to my second question...

    I sold my site and forum a few years ago. I sold the VB licence with it. There shouldn't be a problem me getting a new one should there?


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    The main homepage was not created with vBulletin 5 but glad you like it nonetheless!

    No, you shouldn't have a problem except you'll need to buy a new license of course.
    Aakif Nazir


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      Thanks for your swift response!


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        In fact none of this site is running VB5 right now. VB5 is still in Beta- this site is running the latest stable version which is VB 4.2.0.

        Everything in the /forum/ directory ( is done with the stock version of VB 4.2.0. VB 4.2.0 is available with your VB5 license as well so you can use it instead on live sites for as long as you want.

        VB5 demo is at


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