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  • laurenfisch
    I'm started a new job as a community manager and I walked into the makings of a community based on Drupal. I've used VB in the past in previous roles and I'd like to transition over from Drupal to VB. I have some questions:

    1. How long would it take to configure a VB community so it acts like this one ( does?
    2. What kind of engineering support would I need for set up? How long would it take? (I'm not a programmer)
    3. Can VB 5 detect what device a person is using and send them to a optimized mobile site? I don't want them being taken out to a stand alone app.



    Thanks for your help.

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  • Lynne
    1. We don't know what you need, so that is hard to say. We don't sell any add ons for it though. You may see the demo here -

    2. You may run vB5 on your site forever and you will get all updates to the vB5 Connect software for free.

    3. Yes.

    4. If you purchase a vB5 Connect license, you may choose to install vB4 instead. This site is currently running vB4. You may compare it to the vb5 demo link I gave you and see if you think they are not much different. (I think they are pretty different.)

    5. You may purchase professional installation from us, or go look on other websites to hire someone.

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  • Arkinn
    started a topic newby questions

    newby questions

    I am completely new here and would like to purchase Vbulletin. Just have some questions hopefully someone can answer.

    1. Does the VBulletin 5 (VB5)Connect for $250 contains every I need? or I need to purchase any add ons?
    2. Does the Vbulletin 5 Connect a life time fee or a yearly fee?
    3. Is there anyway I can try this VB5, if not after purchase, can I install it into my computer first instead in web hosting?
    4. I heard VB4 is not much different than VB5. Can I buy the VB4 or VB3?
    5. I looked through the installation process and its kind of hard for me. Is it easy to hire local people to help install and administer?

    Thank you for looking and answering?

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