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VB 5 Demo Site?

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  • VB 5 Demo Site?

    im about to update my 4.2 Suite to VB 5 Connect. Is there a test site. It seems that this forum is running on 4.2. Why would the creators of the project run on 4.2 and not the new version?

    I really want to see what the VB5 forums look like and what default skins look like.

    Also, there is an integrated download solution? Right now I am using DownloadsII. Its not the best solution for my situation but works.

    I need something very mobile friendly, as my forum is about custom mobile development.

    Thanks for any info.

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    vB5 is not out of beta yet. The demo site is available here:


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      Originally posted by scrosler View Post
      Also, there is an integrated download solution?
      No... The attachment system works similar to VB4 attachments. It's only photo "gallery" that has really been enhanced in that now galleries can be part of posts or threads.


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        I would advise against anything in beta stage with a live site.
        Wait till it goes gold then think about it.


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          I would also suggest against putting beta software on a production site.
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            when will the vb5 be out of beta ??


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