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vB4 to vB5 connect upgrade

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  • vB4 to vB5 connect upgrade

    Why is the upgrade fee so steep? Shouldn't there be some sort of discount or even an incentive to where we should be enticed to upgrade? | unrealtournament 1999 | siege | combogib | bunnytrack | instagib ctf

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    There is a $25 coupon which can be used, also you will get the complete vBulletin 5 Connect with Blogs, CMS etc. as soon as CMS is available without any further fees.
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      vB5 is in beta, in order to get more testers shouldn't at least the users of current vB4 be offered a larger discount? 209$ as an "upgrade" to beta is not really tempting.

      How about the vB4 users who want to upgrade to suite and don't want to upgrade to vB5? Why force users to "upgrade" to something they don't want. Maybe simply some users want to stick with vB4 and go from forum to suite. Will there not be anything to cater for these users? Is this going to be the same as vB3 when everyone was basically forced to upgrade? | unrealtournament 1999 | siege | combogib | bunnytrack | instagib ctf


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        The upgrade pricing is better than what we offered with vBulletin 4 by comparsion.

        Upgrade from vB3 to vB4 was 175 (vs 195) upgrade from vB3 to vB4 Suite was 250 (vs 285).
        Upgrade from vB3 or vB4 to Connect is 209 (vs 249).


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          Still shoddy for the people who just want to stick with vB4 where everything works for them but want to use suite instead rather than "upgrading" to a beta product which probably does not work properly. Forcing users to purchase a new license when they want to use a variation is basically double what it would have costed before. For example, if I were to upgrade my vB4 license to suite from forum I would have paid 100$. Whereas now I have to pay 209? What a load of tosh.
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            Sorry, you did have the option available to upgrade to suite at any point up until we started selling vBulletin 5 licenses, we were not required to even offer an upgrade to the suite in the past. If you want the suite software now, yes you'll need to upgrade to a vBulletin 5 license, which will include all of the vBulletin 5 updates, as well as access to the vBulletin 4 suite software.


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