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  • adsense income

    I currently use adsense and have the following question:

    When connecting my users thru Facebook, who gets the adsense income? Facebook, me, split, none?

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    Though the facebook application hosted on facebook?

    Or are we just talking about the facebook connect for logins. likes, etc.


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      on the FB connect. Where I am posting my forum/website on FB's page. Will there be a way that I can still get my income from adsense or am I just putting up my website on Facebook for their financial gain? If I can place ads, will there be double ads (mine and FB's) because most users do not like ads at all and I think it would be a put off to have double ads -just- to have a link to my info on FB's format.


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        Okay, Facebook Connect is a login system that allows you to log your users into your site via facebook.

        So are we talking about the additional application that we sell that allows you to host your forum in facebook?
        Or are we talking about the facebook login system that allows users to use facebok to login to your site?


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          As an FYI - Facebook frowns upon/does not allow Adsense to run on FB Apps.
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            Originally posted by Ace View Post
            As an FYI - Facebook frowns upon/does not allow Adsense to run on FB Apps.
            Question answered. Zuck likes his money.

            I have a website for MY monetary gain. I am not interested in putting my info on FB for them to make money. I will just keep linking my site's posts to FB and take people to my site.


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              Facebook Connect is not the Facebook App.

              With Facebook Connect, users stay on your site, use your site and contribute to your site. You can run all the adsense you want.

              With the Facebook App, the users stay on Facebook, use your site, and contribute to your site.
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