I am unsure whether to buy or not the upgrade to vb5, taking in consideration that I can use the upgrade discount and the little extra off.... and save something.
I have only 4/5 days to decide.

We know that most of the people here talk bad about vb5, but that's because it is a beta and clearly not suitable atm for a live environment.
So I know that even if I buy this upgrade I will not be using it for quite some time (until it become stable), probabily until 2013!

But one thing worries me...
what if later in the year, maybe for xmas they will drastically drop the prices and make more discount than this actual offer?
maybe caused by the low realized sales or whatever... I think it may happen

can I get some guarantee that the price to upgrade or get a new licence of vB 5 will NEVER EVER be lower than the current offer (total $184) which expires 30 sept 2012 ??