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vB5 - Suggestion (Read before deleting or close)

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  • Hardes, Inc.
    started a topic vB5 - Suggestion (Read before deleting or close)

    vB5 - Suggestion (Read before deleting or close)

    So next I want to see in VB5:

    1. A chat room is inactive by default, but can be put in the AdminCP active, this chat room is a tab in the active site when all users of the community with a registered account can come and chat with other users, or you can chat privately. I wish this chat is implemented once in VB5 Connect.

    2. The button "I like" must be in the comments, and comments should not be counted as "messages" as I said before.

    3. A chat with a style similar to facebook, and that is another part of the site's chat room in general, this is only usable chat with friends / contacts you have added to your account on a site VB5, but This chat can add members to the conversation (if you have added to your account), video calls VB5 style. ETC.

    4. When you mouse over the name of any user appears in a form with the necessary details and information and main user (Age, messages, website, etc.)

    5. To register or log in as a site VB5, must appear as a kind of "recent news" site usually aggregate your friends and users who are subscribed, where see pictures, albums, states, awards, news, videos, music, published url of any user we have added as friends or we subscribed ...

    6. In groups I would like everyone to have a minimum to create 5 forums / 1 blog in your group to be a little more organized ... * The messages and themes of each user group should not be added to messages and themes VB5 site.

    7. The topics in forums and posts by users on the forums I would like another implementation of a "Share" button where we share with our friends and followers on the site VB5 an issue that we liked, interested or should know it. This also deploy user photos button "share".

    8. Just as there are groups on facebook, there are also pages to promote any product, service, celebrities, etc.. I would like to implement this ... But with all the options and if possible with more options than facebook offers

    9. I would like to see an integrated CMS comes standard with VB5.

    10. Notifications more dynamic style facebook and if they have a lot of creativity and can improve the notifications would be better ... * I received a notification of a visitor message and I have seen thousands of times and not removed should fix that error.

    11. No moderation as offering VB5, but I hope you have all the tools to moderate a forum well ...

    12. More social profiles, modernized and showing all user information ... not only followers, subscriptions, visitor messages and a few other things.

    13. Obviously the site load and increase performance with VB5 too, do not want to put a VB5 stable until it is so fast that let a silly person flash slow ...

    14. Sometimes too lazy to go to AdminCP to create forums, categories and us Links Home ... I would propose that in VB5 can create forums, categories and us Links Home without going to AdminCP can do it from the same place and forums to delete and change the description or putting on a photo AdminCP but without clear default this option is inactive must go to AdminCP to activate if you like it, but do it the way it traditional to -> AdminCP -> Forums and Categories -> Free forums ---> etc.

    15. They know that in VB5 describing the forums can be read below, but rather how to XenForo and saves space because they do not make the same? Hovering to read the description of the forum, sub-forum, etc.. Obviously this is an option that is inactive in the AdminCP and can be activated from there ... * So we have two options

    16. I would like to haigan these types of topics in the forums:

    • Normal Topic
    • Stickies
    • Ad
    • Important announcement, advertisement or simply overall global (This ad appears in all forums, sub-forums of the site and I get a private message to all registered users of the site VB5 that an issue that is a major announcement was created and need to be read). but of course the private message that will be sent to all users by creating a major announcement can be customized in the AdminCP.

    17. Reputation system, and emoticons trophy system is needed in VB5.

    18. If you can not create in VB5 ranges for users, I would like that if you can not clear whether I want to implement it implemented.

    19. The option or button "highlight" must be present in all state publications, topics / posts / etc. shared by other users or yourself, pictures, etc.. This option or button "highlight" serve to highlight what you want to be more seen, appears first in the recent news from your friends and followers and even the recent news of the site in general.

    20. Well this last point or suggestion of "what I see in VB5" ​​I do not think that is carried out, but telling her I lose? VB5 is a platform that good, very good or perfect for games or mini-games ... or simply is just a platform to create games / apps, but then the Administrator must give permission for this, which is by default inactive in AdminCP and can be activated from there ... Administrators can use this as a business, if you want to create a game / application for a site pay $ 50/anual VB5 this is an example, as it were. * I doubt they take it seriously, but if they do have many more customers, rest assured (as there are many customers who like the games).

    Opinion VB5:

    VB5 I want is a piece of software that looks magnificent and has much potential, so please do not lose him dis Hechen my recommendations and I see all that and more in VB5 and other users so wish.

    It is an opportunity to improve VB5, I'm really a fair user but its design is very clean, but as it is a beta test and for users and customers vBulletin obviously expected and not ready even less stable for distribution with

    I also want to add something on the official forums of the category Connect VB5, VB5 there suggestions forum but since I'm not a no I can give my opinion, and create a topic or reply to a post ... I like that that area and other area suggestions may be available to every user whether or not client vBulletin ... because we have good ideas that can be losing vBulletin.

    They should also fix a bug, when I paste this English translation of a topic I can not VB5 demo, the song is called What would you like to see? the author is wluke or something ...

    Sorry for my English, I'm Venezuelan ...

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