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    A couple of questions about VB5 Connect.

    1. Seems to have a big push on Forum Runner. Will there not be a mobile suite available for it then? - Can't seem to find the option for the new license I just bought to test it all out.
    2. I'm still installing it right now, so can't really dig around, but is it a totally different back-end? Will vBSEO need to write a whole new script? Or perhaps vB covers all that now in 5?

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    I'm running only vBulletin forums on a server, that's current running PHP 5.2.17. So I'd have to upgrade to 5.3 to run VB5.

    Would this cause any issues with VB4 at all?

    Any help would be great, from members or staff. Just need some answers really.

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    1. The Mobile Suite is expected to work with VB5 but it is not available yet. Developers have been concentrating on getting the main product ready.

    2. The back end is very similar to VB4 for now, just has a style upgrade and minor changes to accommodate new features. No VB4 mods will work on VB5 and that includes VBSEO, you will have to ask them if they have any plans for VB5 compatibility. However the VB5 URL rewrites does everything VBSEO used to best I can tell (putting the forum name in the URL for example.)

    VB 4.x works well with PHP 5.3, you won't have any issues from vBulletin if you upgrade to PHP 5.3.x.


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