vb5 Demo (Cannot get a feel for it)

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  • tbworld
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    • Jan 2009
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    vb5 Demo (Cannot get a feel for it)

    vb Team,
    I applaud you posting a demo and the honesty when releasing vb5 (Already better then the vb4 release). You have clearly stated that the release is a beta. Although I clearly do not understand in trying to sell a beta: Due to pressures in releasing and the bean counters wishing a better bottom line: I can dig that.

    The company I work for would like to purchase a new license for vb5 -- keep the existing system on vb4. Reading the feature list it sounds to me that the software is going in the right direction, but realistically I will not know until I see the core code.

    1.) I cannot get a feel for vb5 from the very limited demo. I urge you to do something about that.
    2.) To me its all about the API and the core features. If the company I represent cannot develop its own tools to use with the product, easily, then the product in the near future is useless to us. Please direct me to some documentation on the new API? My understanding from your product release notes: is that is where the new magic is happening.


    PS: I am under my own corporate pressure to release a road-map to include the features my company is wanting. I know you can appreciate my point of view. So do I develop for vb5 or for vb4. You cannot answer this but your documentation for you API can. I have to meet my deadline by the end of the month for next year's budgetary amounts.
  • Zachery
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    If you really want to have a play with the new api system, the best way is to purchase a license. We cannot really expose the API directly. I am not involved in the tech documentation for the API so I don't have any information on that.

    Thank you for your feedback.


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