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  • vB demo, time, etc.

    Looking at possibly purchasing vB to upgrade my forum from phpbb. Have used vB many years ago (lol, about 12 years ago). It seems like the demo used to be good for 30 days - I now see that it's only good for 24 hours. With work, family, etc., I don't have the time to run the new demo through the paces in just 24 hours. And with the price having gone up from years ago, I don't want to shell out $250 to find it's really not going to work well on our server (while the server supports vB, we'd like to toss up a demo account with shoutbox, etc., and check resource usage for a few days - our phpbb install got shut down for resource usage when we installed a chatbox on it). Also want to ensure importing of current posts/threads, etc., doesn't have issues.

    We're just a social forum, no ads, a couple hundred members, no revenue.

    Is it possible to get a demo good for a couple weeks? Working an interactive demo is one thing, but being able to test it with specific servers, importing, add-ons/mods, etc., is another.



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    The demo was never good for 30 days.

    We can extend the demo up to 72 hours(total of 4 days).

    Few weeks is not going to be possible. Please note that the demo is hosted locally.

    If you want a demo extension please send an email to our sales team and we can get you fixed up with a longer demo

    Edit: As of today, the old demo system is not currently available, sorry! If I find out any further information, ill update you.


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      Appreciate the quick response.

      Well, it was many years ago, and I swear there was a downloadable demo - I think you had to provide the location where it was running or something. Most likely I'm remembering something wrong.

      Hope you guys understand that I'd hate to toss out a bunch of money to not have it do some of the things it should do. Meaning; while everything works fine in a perfect world, when it comes to me, things don't work as they should, and if there's a problem; it will manifest itself in my presence.

      Also let me know if there's anyone specific I should email/pm, maybe to go over other options/alternatives.

      I'd imagine I'd start off with 4.x, to utilize many of the mods (which is a main reason to spend the money and go with vB, even though we're small).

      Thanks again!



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        We had vBulletin lite, a completely stripped down almost featureless version of vBulletin 1. There wasn't much to vBulletin 1 either.


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