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Multiple installs on a single license?

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  • Multiple installs on a single license?

    I'm thinking seriously about buying vB, but there might be a snag. There are some mods I want to be able to do in order to incorporate banners from supporters of my site, and this will likely require me digging into the templates and code in order to accomplish this.

    Obviously, working on a live system is not a good idea, so what I would want to do is to install a second vB and do my testing on a test version.

    But if I am reading the legal jargon, right, I will have to purchase two licenses in order to be able to do this. Right?

    So am I missing something, or does everyone else just tinker with the live system when they want to make changes like I am considering?

    Also, is it possible to put two copies of vB on the same domain or will I need a separate domain for the test copy?

    And this brings up yet another question: How easy is it for me to export the structure of a live vB system and then import it into a new install? Will template and code changes be transported to the new install?


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    you are allowed to have 1 test private copy installed for your use only to test hacks etc

    it must be private and not accessing to the public
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      You can install both vBulletin's on the same domain but you must change the Cookie Path for each or your cookies will get crosses and messed up. Alternatively you could easily install Apache, PHP, and MySQL on your local computer and install vBulletin there for editing/testing. That's what a lot of us do because it saves the hassle of uploading files every time you make a change, plus you don't have to be online to work on it.

      You can easily use the backup/restore function of MySQL (or use phpMyAdmin) to esentially 'export' and 'import' certain parts or all of your database between your test copy and your live site. Keep in mind if you install vBulletin more than once you will need more than one database (another good reason to do your test copy locally).


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