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Is vb5 "programmer" friendly on the style side?

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  • Mark.B
    vBulletin uses a template into which you can put custom css. This could be used, in theory, to override pretty much everything in the default style if you wanted to.

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  • tfurrows
    started a topic Is vb5 "programmer" friendly on the style side?

    Is vb5 "programmer" friendly on the style side?

    I'm a programmer, with heavy experience in php, html, and css. I'm looking at vb5 for a client, but they want significant modifications to the appearance. My question is, will those modifications be accessible at a programmer's level? Meaning, can I create or access raw CSS/HTML files to modify the appearance in significant ways, without having to waste time with GUI tools that are great for someone that doesn't know what they're doing, but just a slow-down for someone who does?

    If someone could point me to details on how I could create or modify a template/style for vb5, without using any of the site's built-in gui tools if possible, that would be exceptional. Thank you.

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