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Password portected forum?

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  • Password portected forum?

    I am planning on buying a license for this and was wondering if it allow Password protected fourm instead of only to admins/mod?

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    No passwords as of yet (dont know if it;ll be in v3) but you can put your users into a special "usergroup" so they only have access to that forum.
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      user groups

      So, if I had a single license of vB with a forum for every continent, I could put all North American users into one group and prevent them from going into/posting to the South America forum ??

      I have looked at the admin demo but can't tell if that would work.. and I don't see any other way to do that... and haven't found a post that gives me a definative answer.

      Long story short ...

      Trying to make several membership levels, but allow non members to see but not post to forums they haven't paid for.
      All using one db/install of vB or ?

      Can I do this ?

      thanks in advance for any insight.


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        Yes it can be done.

        You have to turn on moderation of people registering though, but you can build user groups so they are the only ones who have access to the forums you want them to access.

        you REALLY have to play around with it (test) in order to do what you want and to be sure that everything is correct. This is where you're allowed to install another "instance" of vbulletin so you can test it out before implementing it on your live site (that means no public access). I do this all the time, with my vbulletin on my intranet before I post to my live forum.

        If im trying to figure out a permission problem, I create a group of fake id's (users) and assign them to their respective usergroups. Then create forums and see how their permissions are setup.

        You would have to go through the Admin Cp

        under Forums > MOdify> Permissions
        as well as
        User Groups > Forum Permissions

        Play around. That's where half the fun of creating a board is.
        There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't


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          You don't come with the purchase do you ?

          If you say it can be done .. I will go ahead and take the plunge

          Break my leg !



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            while someone is actually following this .. would it matter if I created forums first .. then users/groups?


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              Create the user groups first. Then when you create the forums you'll already have all the user groups you'll need to modify the forum permissions.
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                Thanx, I'll be buying when I get the money, don't have it right now unless you accept online checks.


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