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    my company and me decidet to switch from PHPBB to VBULLETIN.
    Is a migration fully possible?
    If yes, would you assist us with this?
    One Information I found about migration is this CMS2CMS tool, but is this really necessary ?

    Thanks in advice

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    We have our own import tool, Impex, which you will get access to if/when you become a licensed customer.

    To get started with Impex you'd read this thread- it has several updates and the link to the online instructions -

    We can answer questions you may have during the process but we do not do the import for you, that is not a service we offer.

    Please note- You must import into VB 4.2.x. After the import is complete you may upgrade to VB 5.x if you choose to. You will have access to both VB 4 and VB 5 when you purchase a license.


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      Thank you very much for the quick response, this helped me a lot.
      Now one more question.
      Our new board should be multilingual (DE,EN,RU)
      is there a solution for this?
      In my opinion the optimal solution should look like this (see screenshot) hope u can understand what I am looking for
      is there any kind of such theme, or is there any vbulletin feature which can help us with this.


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        vBulletin allows you to have multiple languages. You can see the language drop down in the bottom left of any page on this site. English and German have official language packs from us. We do not have a Russian language pack- you would either need to translate it yourself or see if you can find someone offering one elsewhere.

        vBulletin does not hide forums by language by default but it is in consideration as a future feature of VB5.


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          is there already a implementation date of this? because this is one of the most important features for a multilingual company.
          This is something our buy decision is hanging on.

          BTW: Thanks for quick answears , its great


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            Sorry, we have no date for this right now.
            Joe created an entry in our bug/feature tracker here:
            (Note: You have to be a costumer to view this)


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              It's at least 3 or 4 months out at best I'm afraid as it won't be in our next release nor the release after that as those are pretty much set at this point.

              However although the issue is not a default feature- vBulletin is a visible source solution so custom coding is relatively easy for experienced programmers, it is likely something that can be added by custom coding.


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                Okay you guys are really friendly, and thank you for quick responses.
                One final question, then I am done.
                Can you add additional future into this tracker.
                We are going to buy vbulletin now if you can confirm this.

                We are going to setup vbulletin after we bought it and create german forum inkl. topics but also english one .
                When this feature we talked about is implemented it has to be possible to move all those boards and topics into specific language area using this hide function

                I will definetly recomand your user support


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                  I need to make sure you understand the option to hide forums based on language is not definitely going to be added to the system. I think it is a good idea, as do some others, but it will depend on demand and resources when or even if it becomes part of the software. It may be 6 months, a year, or never.

                  However if it does get added then you will be able to move/hide existing forums, yes.


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                    Okay i thought this is something that will be inside for shure.
                    Anyway we will stay for few more months on phpbb because there is no point to switch now , we would have the same problem.
                    Can you please be so kind and put my user to some kind of "possible customer queue" and contact me when my requested feature is on a TODO or already implemented list.
                    Have a nice day, and thank you


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                      I have made a note in the tracker entry, if we can we will let you know.



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