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  • converting to vb

    hi i`m thinking of moving to vbulletin my only concern is im on mybb and i`ve got a plugin for paid subscriptions on my site so a user pays and they are automatically move into a different group how would it be affected by converting to vb ? will i manually need to set every1`s subscriptions up on vb`s subscriptions plugin ?

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    Well you need to realize first that, you cannot manually add subscriptions i.e. PayPal for example so no matter what, once your on vBulletin you will need to create a new subscription using vBulletin's subscription manager and from there have everyone sign back up via PayPal etc so the subscriptions are current and recurring payments can then take place. If you do not have them signup again then it could present issues in the future with recurring payments considering your going from one payment system to another despite the "package & price" remaining the same.

    It can be done, you will only be required to setup the initial subscription and "perks" in the forums related to the subscription. You members will be the ones required to do a little extra leg work per say but after that initial hump you'll be in the clear .

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      but i can`t ask members to pay again when they have allready paid and have all got different time left untill there membership runs out


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