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  • Complete VBulletin Needs List

    Hello. Very inexperienced other than posting in forums but now looking to set up new website with VBulletin forum and I want to be sure I understand everything I will need to get the site up and running and would appreciate any feedback. The following list are the things I think I would need to get up and running, please let me know where I am off or what I am missing:

    1. Purchase domain name
    2. Purchase VBulletin license ($249 or $399 if I want Mobile)
    3. Purchase VBulletin Monthly Cloud Service (starting at $19.95)
    4. Figure out how to install on website or pay someone to do so

    That's all I have! Of course I would need to hire a web designer if I wanted pages other than a forum on the site.
    Anything I missed? Monthly costs, etc?

    Thanks again!

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    It is either 2 or 3. If you're hosted on cloud (and while on cloud) your license fees are part of the monthly service. You could also choose to install the full download product, but then you do not also purchase cloud.

    If you're on cloud, you won't have full access to the templates/customizations
    If you opt for the self hosted product, you do. But you also pay hosting fees with another company.


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      If you choose vBCloud you don't need to worrry about installing the software, it is done automatically.

      if you choose the download versions of VB then yes you need to install yourself or purchase a professional install separately.