I need to materialize an idea that i have for a WebSite

vbulletin forum can serve as the master repository for my users data. Forum software and especially vBulletin can serve this role very well and provide to me the data i need.

BUT the idea has specific requirements in order to provide the outcome. I need to be able to manipulate the forum data from the DB (including text, attachments e.t.c).

Can i have access to vBulletin tables in order to build cstom apps? (for example export topics with attachments e.t.c)

Another characteristic for the idea is that the user is expected to be bound to the business for 10-15 years at least.

This means that my implementation has to be sustained throughout the years and the big changes ahead (HTML5,CSS3, tablets taking over the world e.t.c).

Whatever i choose is going to be my vehicle for many years to come and custom apps are going to be build on it.

How is this possible with vBulletin?