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How much knowledge do i need prior to building a forum?

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  • How much knowledge do i need prior to building a forum?

    Being a moderator's in forum is as close as i've come. (Being able to edit delete post, that's all)

    From the research i've done, there're other free options such as phpbb, smf, vanillaforums and some others.

    0. Can anyone comment on if one of those or vbulletin would be more noob friendly?

    Here're some more questions, thanks for helping!

    1. What is vBulletin/phpbb etc? Is it just a software that helps you create a forum? And then you have to upload it somewhere for it to be "live"

    2. If i used vBulletin to build my initial forum, and in the future want to migrate all my member database into a phpbb/smf/vanillaforums built forums, or vise versa. Is it easily doable?

    3. Being the only one that actually costs money, is vbulletin better than the free ones?

    4. The target community is HongKong China, to show up on search engines in China such as baidu, google. Is that something vBulletin will be able to provide? Or is that an entirely different thing i have to pay for.

    5. vBulletin Cloud, if i use this monthly service, does that mean i don't have to purchase the vBulletin program? Also If i did purchase the vBulletin program, do i still have to pay 14.99 a month to use it?

    These are my initial questions.
    Thank you.

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    Unfortunately we do not offer an official Chinese language translation of vBulletin, so any version you choose you will either need to translate it yourself or find someone who already has.

    vBCloud is easier to setup and there is no worry about maintenance if you go with vBCloud- you just take care of the basics like creating forums and moderating content.

    Concerning your quetions

    1- yes, except for vBCloud which we host ourselves
    2- It depends if those forums have importers for the versions of vBulletin you are coming from- we don't know if they have importers or not. vBulletin has an old importer, Impex, for phpbb, SMF, and the like. It is not an easy process to import however- but it is possible in many cases.
    3- Depends what you are looking for.
    4- You shouldn't need to pay... once one website that is already indexed links to your site the spiders will find it. If need be you can put it in your signature a post here, they'll find it.
    5- Correct, if you use vBCloud you only pay the cloud plan ($14.99 is actually if paid yearly, otherwise $19,95/mo for the basic plan.) You do not pay monthly for the download version, not to us anyway- you will need to pay for wen hosting separately. To us it's a one time $249 payment.


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