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    Don't worry I know I have to wait but was wondering if anyone with a license here could log in to their members area and tell me how long the average waiting time for support is please?

    I have a license being transferred, and as I said I know it can take some time, but I replied just over an hour ago and wanted to have some ideas whether I should go out and do my day-to-day bits or to have a shower and this will be completed so that I can start the upload to my server before I go out.

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    The wait time is currently 40 minutes. However this only tracks the first reply to a ticket, not how quickly follow ups are. We try to complete transfers within 24 hours though.
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      Thanks Wayne,
      I will go do everything else first then. Just didn't want to head out the door and 2 minutes later have the "welcome e-mail" where I could be downloading the software and uploading it to the server.

      Thanks for giving me a heads up though!


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