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  • Multiple languages inside one forum?

    We are setting up a new forum connecting several non-profit groups from all over the world to develop joint projects on eduction and regional development. Our idea is that each country has its own country sub-forum in its native language, while the main forum language will be English, covering the global topic threads or sub-forums.

    For example, people in Japan should be able communicate directly with each other in Japanese in the sub-forum Japan and then post their conclusions or run parallel discussion threads in English. The Japanese sub-forum should have the headers in Japanese and accept Japanese text. Ditto German, French etc. Spelling checker in non-English languages is not necessary (if they exist at all).

    Is that possible in vB 4? (not vB 5, we will be running vB FOUR)

    The extra languages we now already need are:
    - Japanese (absolute must)
    - French (absolute must)
    - Italian (absolute must)
    - Spanish (absolute must)

    - Malaysian (nice but not critical)
    - Latvian (maybe could work in Russian also)
    - Georgian (maybe could work in Russian also)
    - Danish

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    VB4 can work with the languages you list however some things like Searching will not work with Japanese.

    You can add multiple languages to a forum and the user can choose the language they want for the entire site to appear in- these would be the text generated by the forum itself- changing the language does not translate the content entered into posts by others. Content always remains in the language it was entered.

    By default there is no way to set one sub-forum to be English and another to show in Japanese, or Spanish... What would normally happen is a user is always seeing the forum controls in the language they chose.

    I suppose with custom coding it may be possible to have the language change depending on the forum selected but it isn't a built in option.

    As for your listed languages only French has an official vBulletin provided translation. The other languages you may be able to find community translated versions or you would need to translate yourself.

    Language packs provided by the community are available here -

    Note they are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the one(s) you want, there may be updated versions mentioned in the thread that aren't reflected on the thread title.

    Any VB 4.x version will be a good start, you may need to manually translate a few phrases to catch it up to VB 4.2.2 which is the version of 4.x you should use.


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      That the search does not work in Japanese is a lesser problem since the main language is English. That a user would set the entire site in his/her preferred language is ok and its good that the actual posts remain in the original language.

      However, there seems to be no Japanese language package listed in that link. Not having Japanese language would be a serious problem.


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        I'm not aware of a Japanese language pack that was ever released to the community. Sorry.


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          So what software do Japanese use for their forums?


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            Originally posted by Mcduff View Post
            So what software do Japanese use for their forums?
            I don't know. Would be best to search for a Japanese forum and see. It's also possible other Japanese users have chosen tot translate themselves and not release the translation free to the public. Translating isn't hard if you are bilingual but it is time consuming.


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