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Is it possible to edit the home-page without Sitebuilder (e.g. in the admincp)

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  • Is it possible to edit the home-page without Sitebuilder (e.g. in the admincp)


    I set up a trial-forum on Tuesday ( ) so the team of our admins and moderators can test the software before we make an upgrade from vBulletin 4 to vBulletin 5.
    And it seems that someone from our team accidentally destroyed the home-page with sitebuilder. The home-page just stops loading, before the page is complete, so it displays an empty page.
    The rest of the board works fine, you can view it here:

    Is there any way to reset the homepage from the Admincp, to the default style? Because since it stops loading, I have absolutely no chance to edit it with Sitebuilder, as the vBulletin stops loading before the sitebuilder-toolbar is loaded.

    ETA: the forum home page works as long as you are not logged in. Also when you register a new account. But it stays completely white (and aborts loading during the page load to leave you with an only partially loaded, white page in your browser) when you try to view it while you're logged in.

    Thanks in advance!
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    At this time there is no way to reset the frontend via the backend.

    Try, AdminCP > Settings > Options > General Settings > Disable PHP/HTML module rendering.


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      Thanks much Zachery, after disabling PHP/HTML module rendering I was able to access Sitebuilder from the forum homepage, edited and saved the page again. Now after re-enabling PHP/HTML module rendering everything seems to work again!


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