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Why upgrade from vB 4x to 5x?

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  • Why upgrade from vB 4x to 5x?

    I'm looking for reasons why to upgrade our vb4 installations to vb5. We run technical support forums and use our installations mainly for the forum part. We do use CMS for a few articles and FAQ type documents. We don't use the Blogging part hardly at all. We have multiple levels of forums and sub forums and we move them around and rename them from time to time. We do quite a bit of banner advertising and use announcements and notices quite often. We also gateway our forums to NNTP servers. What are the reasons I should be considering for moving to 5x? What are the benefits? Are there any gotchas? Is the format the same so our NNTP gateway would still work? How long is 4x going to be supported. Thanks in advance for any input/advice.
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    Originally posted by kgroneman View Post
    What are the reasons I should be considering for moving to 5x?
    Maybe for the "Comment" feature? vB4 does not have it.

    vB5 is unequivocally the best forum software, but not yet...


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      VB5 does not use the same FAQ system as VB4. it has been replaced with a "Help" system.

      Any custom modifications made for VB4 (Your NNTP gateway) will need to be redesigned from scratch to work with VB5- add-ons need to be coded completely different.

      It sounds like you have no compelling reason to upgrade.


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        Thanks guys. I was kind of expecting "With vB 5 you can do x, and y which you can't do in vb4". So far I'm not seeing any compelling reason to go to the work and bother to upgrade either. In fact, all I'm seeing are reasons not to. It makes me curious, why vB5? Is there a reason to change the architecture from vB4? Obviously someone thought there was and I'd be interested in knowing what that reasoning is.
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          As vB5 is a rewrite and a lot of things changed from scratch, vBulletin 4.X actually has more features in many aspects. The main feature focus of vBulletin 5 was the Site Builder which allows the Administrator to customize pages throughout the site and the Administrator can add their own pages quite easily. With each release more and more features that were in vB4 are added to vB5 though.
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            Thanks Wayne. Is vB4 going to remain supported for the foreseeable future?
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              We're still providing support (as in, technical support rather than product development) for vB3.
              Loads of people use vB4 and the most recent maintenance release was only a few months back. I can't imagine support for it ending any time soon, though like vB3 I wouldn't expect any major releases either.
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                Good to hear. I'd hate to have to start looking at evaluating replacement platforms for vB4. Thanks everyone. I'm leaving feeling a lot more educated and comfortable on the subject. We'll be sticking with vB4 for now.
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