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Will vBulletin work for my self-service customer needs?

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  • Will vBulletin work for my self-service customer needs?

    I am the development manager for a financial services company with approximately 3,000 clients. We are redesigning our client self-service web application. One of the features of the self-service site is something we call the "Message Center". It is basically a message forum written by scratch in the site. It allows clients to send and receive messages securely instead of using email where the client may need to send sensitive information like SSN or account numbers. They may also send us attachment and we can send attachments to clients. This function is baked directly into the site.

    As part of this redesign I am evaluating using a more powerful and robust message forum but it must act as an integrated piece of the self-service site. In other words the user needs to be able to get to the "message center" without logging in separately (SSO), there must be a way to get back into the self-service site directly or the forum should be embedded directly into the self-service site. And the client should only see their client's messages. Finally there must be a way to programmatically write messages and attachments as the system today sends notifications to clients today through the existing "message center".

    Please let me know if vBulletin can support these functions and any examples of other customers using it this way.


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    You can probably accomplish this with vBulletin, but its going to require some moderate custom coding to get it to do what you want. It won't happen out of the box itself.


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