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    I don't mean to sound like a donkey, I've just learned that being blunt is the best way to ask questions.

    1. If I'm understanding this correctly, if I purchase Vb 5 Connect, it comes with Vb3 and Vb4. Does this include the "Suite" versions?
    2. Vb 5 does not currently have a CMS or "Suite" look yet, yes or no? Will I have access to it when it does? For free or a cost?
    3. If I'm not happy with the "Connect" experience, I can get the Vb4 version and use it in lieu of the Vb5 failure? Preferably I would use the "Suite" version will I have access to that version? I do like the CMS look and want to use that look on my forums/website.
    4. If I'm understanding this correctly as well, I will lose "Ticket" Support after 30 days and will need to purchase a ticket contract for anything after that 30 days, right? So, in lieu of losing the support system, what do I gain as a replacement? Free future upgrades? Something more tangible? Well, this leads me to my next question...
    5. With the purchase of Vb5, how long do I get free upgrades? When do I have to start paying for the upgrades?
    6. If I find the product to be lets say not functionally appropriate, meaning it doesn't work, whether is due to poor coding, bad coding, or just never worked right in the first place or in worst case scenario, the product is just useless (got to love forums) how long do I have for a refund?
    7, Lastly, I've used and worked on forums, cms's, including Vb for friends and on a semi professional for a good 10 years. During that time I have never considered buying your product because it always appeared way over priced for what is received. Now, I am interested in your product and have done my homework regarding many of the current problems and issues such as the not so up to par coding, what can you tell me that would convince me to buy your product? I will be comparing you product to the Nuke CMS and IPB. (Open source doesn't scare me, but bad coding does.)
    I hate to sound negative but so far I'm finding it hard to drop money for your product which loses support after 30 days and appears to be leaving people out in the cold after the purchase is complete. Well, 30 days after...
    Thanks for your time and comments

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    1. That is correct but you can only run one instance of VB per license.
    2. I believe the latest version of VB 5 does have CMS
    3.As in 1. you can change to VB 4 or 3 but remember you can't downgrade, you have to start afresh but you can upgrade vb 3 -> 4 -> 5
    4. I believe so but you will have support on this forum.
    5. You will always have free upgrades for your version if or when they become available. You only need to pay if a new version eg vb 6 becomes available.
    6. As soon as you download the product it is yours for ever no refunds.
    7. I will let Vbulletin staff answer that.


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      It is possible to downgrade to VB4 from VB5, BUT it is a long route, there are no purpose built converters, but there are third parties who would do it.

      You can also import VB5 into some other platforms, then import from that platform to VB4, some people have had success doing that way.

      I've used ticket support for longer than my 30 days, the support on here and at, may be a little slower, but it's the same people.

      VB do not offer refunds at all, not even the merchantability clause applies to them

      You need to decide for yourself which VB is right for you, not let someone else convince you, if you are at all unsure about VB5 then you should use VB4 with it's own CMS or with one of the others that comes as a free MOD.


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        Very helpful. Thanks for not taking offense to my questions I do realize the bluntness can be easily taken offensively.


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          Support continues past 30 days here in the forums. It's rare someone has an issue unique to their site so community support makes it easier for people who may run into the issue in the future- with a little luck and some searching they'll find the problem they are having and the solution. If we require board access we can also assign a support ticket to you past the 30 days if necessary.


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