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vBulletin Mobile suite (comprehensive of vBulletin itself)

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  • vBulletin Mobile suite (comprehensive of vBulletin itself)

    Hello, I was wondering what is this mobile suite, since I'm interested, is it some sort of custom mobile app that I can customize? It does come with sources?

    Also, I have a kunena forum actually, and I want to migrate it to vBulletin, since the board is really tight with a game we are developing, (permissions to forums, access to sub-forums, login to the game equals to login to the forum, etc), is there some easy way to import all the users + PASSWORD into vbulletin? has vbulletin, contrarily to what kunena/joomla is, some sort of easy way to modify password cryptography/encoding? We use custom cryptography/salt method, and I want to stick it that way, because doing it in some other manner would break up the game.

    Those are the questions actually we have. more could come along the way...

    for simplycity:
    - How easy is vBulletin login/password storing procedures and login/password checking to modify;
    - Import kunena;
    - What is mobile suite for simple minds and if does comprehend some sort of source code to the mods we would need.


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    The VB Mobile Suite can be customized with colors and graphics (logos) of your forum. The source code is not available and no other customization of the Mobile Apps is possible.

    The latest release of VB 5.1.0 does offer some options with custom password encoding however unfortunately there is no way to import directly into VB 5.x at this time. Our Impex software only works with VB 4.x which does not have any custom password encryption abilities- passwords would not transfer.

    Also, we have no current importer for kenena, our importer can work with the Tier 1 systems listed here:

    You would need to convert to one of these systems and then import into vBulletin 4.x from there. As a final step you can upgrade to VB 5.x if you choose.


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      Understood, thank you for the answers, I know we have to modify the password encoding and saving by ourselves, I was asking if it's centralized (easy to modify, kind of a global call to one method) on a file or if it's propagated among a variety of files (lot of methods to mod), making it hard to modify.
      I have to check by myself it seems..


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        All right,understood.


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