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Receive Email Notification For All (Non-moderated) Post and Be Able to Reply Via Email

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  • Receive Email Notification For All (Non-moderated) Post and Be Able to Reply Via Email

    The co-administrator for a forum we are re-launching says her main request is to be able to receive and reply to all new posts via email (Blackberry) as she does with comments on her Wordpress blog.

    Is that something that can be done?

    I'm imagine having an administrator receive an email notification of all non-moderated, i.e. non-spam, posts should be possible, where would I configure this?

    Is it possible to submit a reply to a post right from within your email client?

    Or would she have to click on a link and then type the reply in her Blackberry mobile browser?

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    Replying via email is not an feature of any version of vBulletin software, nor is it ever expected to become a feature.

    Subscribing to a forum should be possible in a future version but currently subscriptions are not working due to a bug. It is unclear if "instant" email notifications of new posts will ever be available in VB5. In VB4 subscriptions to entire forums were at best sent one a day overnight with a list of all new posts and threads,

    If you need support please post in a support forum- this is for pre-sales questions only.


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      Well, as part of the re-launch, I was considering to buy a vB5 license, so you answered that question.

      I'll post in the support section on how best to go about seting that up in vB4. Thanks!


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        Gotcha...In VB4 if you go to Admin CP -> Forums & Moderators -> Forum Manager... For each forum on the site, click on the forum name to bring up the forum settings. there is an option - Email Addresses to Notify When there is a New Thread - Enter in the Admin's email address and they will get an email copy of every new thread. This isn't an option in VB5 but it is there in VB4.


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