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  • Joe D.

    The mod you linked to is very old and only would have brought over the member's badge even if it does work. To sign in with Steam you'd need this mod-

    I should note this mod and other steam mods are for vBulletin 4,x, I don't see any for vBulletin 5.x at this time.

    Both VB 4.x and 5.x provide extensive privacy/permission options based on usergroups.

    You can use an online trial of each from- or

    Some other VB4 Steam mods available on are-

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  • WhitemoonAlyssa
    started a topic Security/Privacy Conerns

    Security/Privacy Conerns

    Hello, I am one of the community managers for game developer Whitemoon Dreams. We are in the process of trying to figure out what forums we wish to use with the release of our game, Warmachine: Tactics. As a game developer, the ability to moderate content and limit privacy settings/user permissions is very important to us. I looked around the FAQs and was unable to find any details about what permissions we can allow our users and customization with privacy settings. Is there someplace I can be directed that has more information about this?

    Also, ideally we are looking to import users directly from Steam into our forums so as to not require an additional signup for activation. There are methods to do this on Steam's end, and I have found a couple modifications that would allow Steam information to be shown on the forums, but they are community created. Again, we are concerned about potential privacy threats as potentially sensitive data is posted on our servers. Initially we were going to use Steam's forums but have decided it is not going to work for our needs. Are there any vBulletin created plugins that will allow us to utilize Steam data in our forums? We are looking for the easiest way to integrate user's and their information from Steam directly into our forums.

    (These are the 2 community created modifications I found).

    These are our 2 major concerns when it comes to selecting a forum, in addition to customization options - but I know vBulletin offers a lot of that.

    Thanks in advance!

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