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3.81 to VB4 or 5?

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  • 3.81 to VB4 or 5?

    I am at 3.81 and was looking to go to VB 4 but was told everything would have to be reinstalled. If that is the case, should i just go to VB5? Also, will I still be able to keep the posts and DB or will that get wiped too? Are there any sales deals for returning customers?

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    We had a problem last year when our host upgraded the PHP level. We made some modifications in order to keep the site going but now we need to get this site upgraded and go forward with our plans. We don't have that many mods, I just don't want to lose the posts or attachments. Not sure if we should go from 3.8.4 to vb4.X or vb5.x.


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      The truth is most modifications will need to be upgraded to go to VB4, not all. ALL would would be true for VB5. But big difference is VB4 has well over a thousand free mods so you can probably find upgrades for your 3.x mods or replacements. VB5 doesn't yet have the wide base of modifications so you won't be able to replace many you have.

      I would strongly suggest you sign up for the free trial of each, you can see what works best for you-

      vb4 trial -
      vb5 trial -


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