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which is the best versions of vbulletin ?

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  • which is the best versions of vbulletin ?

    Can anyone tell me which is the best and most satisfying version of the software?
    i m asking this coz i have read many negative reviews of v5 of the i m circumspect to buy that version..

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    That depends on what you expect from the software. For example, there are features in vB4, which didn't make it into vB5 (yet). If you desperately need those features, then vB5 isn't right for you. On the other hand vB5 is the more modern product, it is actively being developed etc.

    You should post your expectations/needs here. Then it is easier to give recommendations.


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      Stay away from vB5, no matter what features you need vB5 is not worth the pain unless you hate your members......

      I would also look at what the parent company of vB uses for all their forums. You can find a list of IB forums here (not sure if that worked....)
      it's not vB4 that's for sure. Also vB4 does not have any developers working on that version right now. They are all working on vB5 and vB5cloud.

      Are you starting a forum or transferring from another script? (funny story, you can't transfer directly to vB5 you would have to transfer to vB4 then upgrade (vB's words not mine) to vB5)

      You should really be asking these questions on sites that deal with administrating forums to get an unbiased answer.

      Either way good luck with your forums.
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        If it has to be vBulletin software (not a foregone conclusion), then ranked in order of quality:
        • vBulletin 3.8.x
        • vBulletin 4.x
        Yep, that's it.


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          i think that i am moving to another software..i don't need pain ..thanks


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