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    Is there a list of preferred developers/integrators that can set up a new discussion board that I would like to create? I am sure the software is very user friendly but I am somewhat technically challenged and it would just be nice to have a go to person to teach me and the person in the business that would be running it as well as get it up and running sooner than later.

    I also had some questions that may or may not be answered in the context of the board that I wanted to get down on paper:
    1. It appears they have a FB log in option. Does that option, when utilized, push the post to the user's FB page?
    2. I used to participate in a board that was ranked very highly on Google and has since dropped off the face of the earth. It still ranks very high on Bing but what has Google done that may have downgraded forums or have them done that?
    3. Is there a way to host something like a Google hangout or video conference call via the software or inside of it? We would like to have questions of the week answered via video and in participation with our users
    4. Is there a package you can purchase from the outset to pump some content into the site or to drive up the search engine friendliness for the short term until you get some users
    5. How are pictures handled now and days. I feel like the idea of linking inside the thread just seems to be to cumbersome for most users and they can't seem to get it done correctly
    6. Is the mobile version included and is that what would be considered the app or is that separate

    Please forgive what I am sure is a very basic line of questions from a newbie.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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    Originally posted by Blackhatch View Post
    Is there a list of preferred developers/integrators that can set up a new discussion board that I would like to create?
    I don't know of anyone doing this for vBulletin 5.


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      We offer a professional install service for an additional $149 where we install the forum for you but we do not offer training.

      As for your additional questions-

      1. If the Facebook Account is connected to the vBulletin account the user will have the option of posting their content to their Facebook page but it is not set yes by default.

      2. No way to know why that happened. There are many VB forums still ranked very high.

      3. You could embed the youtube video in a post but that would be the extent of the default integration.

      4. No.

      5. Images can be uploaded directly, or linked. I will include some examples in this post.

      6. VB5 has a "responsive" design so a separate style isn't needed. VB4 has a separate mobile style included. The VB Mobile Suite is a separate option for those who wanted a full fledged branded app rather than a web interface.


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        Thank you for the information. Is there a number to call and speak to a rep about the questions you answered above and review a contract?



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          Our sales number is 1-877-326-6444 (toll-free US/Canada only) 9 am to 5 pm Pacific (GMT-8), Monday to Friday. If the questions are highly tech related someone may need to get back to you by email with the answers, but they'll do the best they can to answer what they can over the phone.


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