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  • Can you help me make my choice ?

    Hi there,
    I'm running a website in which I currently use self hosted Vanilla Forums, but it's too limited. I need you please to tell me whether vBulletin can satisfies the following requirements or not :

    In general

    -simple design, with importance given to the contributions
    -the basic actions (post, answer, quote and so on) clearly visiblevisible
    -responsive design

    Images :
    -embed from Flickr, 500px, IMGur and possibly others by pasting the link
    -simple upload and embed procedure
    -best user list (with points for "thanks" received and number of posts)
    -thank you button
    -possibly highlighting of the best answer to a post
    Access and reading
    -registration and login through main social media sites
    -mark all as read
    -email subscription to subforums or the entire forum
    -customizable answer notifications
    -thread info: creation date, last answer date, author, last post author, answer count, number of visits, hot thread, threads with unread answers
    -highlighting of own posts in threads
    -custom avatar
    -custom signature (with lenght limit
    -Ajax to speed up interaction,
    -complete translation into Italian.

    -assign moderators to subforums
    -moderate on the backend
    -list of new posts to moderate
    -bulk moderation
    -frontend moderation

    -easy plugin installation
    -detailed stats
    -mass messaging to users
    -sticky posts for subforums
    -global or subforum announcements
    -effective antispam
    -administration from mobile (at least moderation)

    Thanks in advance

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    VB3 and vb4 yes. But vb5 I would not use.


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      Responsive design is only available in VB5. VB4 has a dedicated Mobile style separate from the main style.

      Images are embdded with standard [IMG] bbcode- there are no options to embed for specific sites like flickr. I do believe flickr provides standard forum [IMG] code though.

      Upload of images are simple to me, you can try it here by clicking on A for the "Advanced Editor" and then click the Insert Image button for attaching an image. Or the camera icon for attaching multiple imags.

      There is no "Thank You" button. VB5 has a "Like" button. VB4 has "Reputation" - both are similar. VB4 has free "Thank You" button modifications.

      There is no best answer to a post option. It may be possible as a free modification in VB4, there is no such modification for VB5 at this time.

      Only social media registration/sign on supported is from Facebook and it is a bit buggy in both VB4 and VB5 for different reasons.

      Mark All as Read is there in both versions.

      Email subscriptions on a per thread and per forum basis only currently work in VB4. They are part of VB5 but a bug prevents them from working in the current version. Neither has an option for the entire site- it is a per forum (or sub-forum) basis, or per thread.

      Not sure what "Cuatomizable answer notifications" are

      Thread info/creation date/etc... is all there in VB4. Most is there in VB4 except for the last link of unread posts. It is limited to new posts since last visit or posts in the last day (24 hours)

      By default no highlighting of your own posts but possible via modification/template edits in both versions. Howeve there is no official support for this kind of modification.

      Custom avatars and signatures with limits set per usergroup - yes and yes.

      Complete Italian Conversion - We do not have an official translation for either VB4 or VB5 into Italian. You can search for community provided translations or translate yourself.

      VB4 has frontend and backend moderation. VB5 has backend moderation but it is really looking to be retired in favor of complete front-end moderation in VB5.

      Plugins are fairlye asy to install in either version, a little harder in VB5 in that most every add-on will require a file upload. VB4 many plugins don't need any files uploaoded.

      There are more stat options in VB4 than VB5.

      Both have sticky posts.

      VB4 has both Notices an Announcements, VB5 has both as well but Announcements are broken due to a bug and may soon be removed completely in favore of Notices which do most the same thing.

      mailchimpantispamtion - not sure what this is.

      there are various anti-spam options but VB4 offers many additional free anti-spam plugins that offer unique solutions, but no one can stop all spam.

      VB4 can do some basic moderation from the Mobile Style. VB5's responseive design should offer moderation ability regardless of screen size.


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