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Granular Permissions/Content Restriction/Reading Access/User Level

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    Wayne Luke
    vBulletin Technical Support Lead

  • Wayne Luke
    You would need custom coding to allow users to assign a "Reading Access" to their posts.

    However with vBulletin's permissions system, you can control who has access to which forums based on their participation in the forums using Channel permissions, Usergroup Permissions and Usergroup Promotions.

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  • websoup
    New Member

  • Granular Permissions/Content Restriction/Reading Access/User Level

    As the title implies, one of the most important features I want to implement are User Level/Reading Access system. Each level will allow user to access Post with different Reading Access. Each user can also assign Reading Access to his/her post.

    For example, I can assign Reading Access of 30 to a post. But if my user level is 5, it may mean I have Reading Access of 5. So I cannot see the Post with access of over 5.

    Of course I should be able to create my own 'rule' in term of user level and access.

    User Level will not just depend on number of posts. But it will also be based on points or rating given to my post by other users.

    Can all of these be done with vB?

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