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    Hi all first of all I am hoping to move to a vBulletin forum soon as I am having so many probmes with my forum host now from spamming crap on my forum to putting it off with out telling me and it is costing me a lot of money now.. First of all how much are we looking at and is ran by the them ? Because I would like to have my forum looking and working like that one I hope you guys can help me out I am new so I a, sorry if this is in the wrong place and please do not hate on me all I want is help lol

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    The "Forums" on is running vBulletin 3.8.x, an older version but you can download and use it if you want after purchasing a VB5 license. The non-forum pages are not vBulletin powered, I do not know what they use for them, it may be custom, it may be wordpress, not sure.

    A vBulletin 5 Connect license is a one time payment of $249 and it includes all future versions of VB 5.x and all future and past versions of VB 3.x and VB 4.x as well. You can run any ONE version on a live site as well as have a 2nd private test site. (Test sites are usually htaccess password protected, easiest way to keep them private.)


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      Originally posted by Joe D. View Post
      The non-forum pages are not vBulletin powered, I do not know what they use for them
      They use Joomla (v1.5) for their other pages.


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        It sounds like you're talking about two issues. Hosting and forum software.

        1) you will need to find a host (to run your forums) 1st. vB does not host your forums
        2) while currently you can only purchase vB5, you can run any version (vB3, vB4 or vB5) but you can only run one instance. You can not run a vB3 and vB5 at the same time.
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