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Upgrading to VBulleting 4.????

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  • Upgrading to VBulleting 4.????

    So I am considering upgrading to V Bulletin 4.XXX I have put this off for a long time and I am still not sure. I have a license to upgrade it and if I do I will probably use some of the add-ons like Mobile Connect and Facebook. However, I want to be able to do some testing and see what it looks like and what I can actually do with it. i understand you can do this in a "sandbox" which would be a directory on my host server that only I can see, is this correct? Where in the forums are there instructions on how do do this. (I am assuming that you copy current folder to a new folder and then upgrade and experiment) I don't want to mess with my live site until I know all the ins and outs of the new version. Thanks for any direction that you can give me.
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    Yes, you may create a test site as you are suggesting. In fact, it is STRONGLY recommended that anybody who is thinking of doing an upgrade so so first on a test site so they can try out settings, modifications and styles.

    Here is a blog about how to create a test site -

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