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    Hello Everyone:

    I am a moderator of the above-named forum, and have been since 2009. This past Friday, October 7, this forum went down about 08:00 and has not been up since. None of us have heard anything from the Administrator, nor anyone else for that matter.

    The username of the owner/Administrator is Laz, (or Lazar when I joined in 2008. He later shortened it). This forum uses the vBulletin software and has been in existence since 2005. In September 2010, the forum went down, and Laz upgraded to the version 4 package, but am not sure which package it is. In a few days the forum was back up and running and had been running fine until October 7.

    Does anyone know anything about what may have happened? This forum is very popular because of all the people needing to file bankruptcy in this economy, and has probably near to one thousand members.

    Thank you,

    PS: AngelinaCat is my username on that forum.

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    The owner of the site will have to contact us directly if they want support in this issue. Until they do so, there is nothing we can do. As we don't host the forums and only sell the software, we do not monitor them or have any notification when a site has an issue.
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      Thank you. I have emailed Laz, but I don't know if he is getting my messages or not.


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        Laz will have to be the one to fix.

        a couple of things though.
        Is it a vBulletin issue? or is it a website/hosting issue?

        Are there any static pages on site to ping.
        I'm starting to think it's not a vBulletin issue, when I run a trace route to, it times out.
        Unless the forum software is running wild crashing the server its on? (Just a guess there)


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          Sorry, we can only help here if the license owner contacts us directly for assistance and the issue is a vBulletin one.

          If pinging the domain is showing issues, then the owner will need to liaise with the hosting company.
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