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  • Content to threads?

    I have a website with a vbulletin forum and a Wordpress front end.

    I'm under the impression I can import the Wordpress install into vb5 connect.

    However, could I then change the general articles from the front end into forum threads?

    Just that I'm tempted to make the forum the main focus of the site, which means moving the front end articles into the forum itself.

    Is that possible, though? Am presuming it is.

    On a similar note - for vb5 Connect I'd ideally like to have the forum set up on the root domain showing all categories as per the default forum page, ie, on as opposed to

    Is this also possible?

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    Apologies, I've just noticed that vb5 does not currently offer a CMS.

    In which case, could I do this with vb4 before upgrading to vb5?


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      How many articles do you have? If only a few, if it is not possible to do it by any other means, why not do it manually?


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        Precisely because there are too many to copy/paste manually.


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          Our Impex system (free with license) will allow you to import Wordpress 2 content into the VB4 CMS/Article system.

          More info here:

          However there is no automated means I know of to convert articles into forum threads.


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