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  • BirdOPrey5
    VB5 default install looks at like this website,, but with less forums.

    This is a screen-shot of a default forum with just 1 topic-

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  • Midwest
    started a topic Professional Install/Upgrade Question - Question

    Professional Install/Upgrade Question - Question

    Hi I'm in the process of creating a forum powered by Vbulletin 5.0, this will be my first forum ever and I'm very unexperienced when it comes to setting up. I have yet to purchase anything so, I figured this is a "Pre Sale Question"
    • I was wondering if the Professional Install is really worth it?
    • According to the picture below, the install is a vanilla install with no customizations. Could anyone provide me a screenshot as to what that looks like?
    • If anyone has had this done before, could you give me your thoughts on the process?
    Picture of what I'm talking about:


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  • MySaltyReef
    silly question
    by MySaltyReef
    since VB5 is still in its BETA stange, i dont want to upgrade yet but i have bought it

    so i am itching to try it out, could i install it on my domain and fiddle around with it so long ...
    Fri 14 Sep '12, 6:44am