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  • 2nd Forum?

    I already run a VB forum but thinking of starting another. I want to continue using 4.2.1. Do I have to purchase the whole suite again, or can I add additional licenses? If so, how much would an additional forum cost me? Thanks

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    Well, to use vB on another site you will have to buy another license I assume.

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      How would I go about that and how much would it cost? I don't want to upgrade to VB5. Thanks


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        You still need to buy a full vB5 lic. With that you get to use any version from 3-5. There is no way to buy a reduced or discounted version of say vB3x or vB4x
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          Look around for a second hand licence, there's a lot being sold at the moment .........


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            I too would buy another Vb license if 4.2.1 was up to par..


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              We only sell VB5 licenses now so if you purchase a new license it will be for vBulletin 5. As has been said you can choose to use older versions if you prefer instead, you will be able to download and install any past version way back to VB 2.x even.

              If this is your second license the cost would be the full regular price. We do offer discounts for multiple license holders but they start with the purchase of a 3rd license.

              As was also said there is the possibility of buying "second hand" or "used" licenses from others but there is serious risk in this. Read this before you buy a used license.


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