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Unable to purchase VB5

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  • WhiskeyOSS
    VB5 Rocks
    by WhiskeyOSS
    I must admit I have had some hills to climb over since I purchased vb5 and installed it my miss writing of some html code caused me some grief but it was short lived, a couple of days for the most part,...
    Thu 20 Dec '12, 3:15am
  • I, Brian
    URL rewrite in vb5
    by I, Brian
    I had a look at the admin panel, but the URL rewrite settings seem extremely basic - basically, on, off, and something inbetween.

    I don't expect something as complicated as vbseo - but what...
    Wed 16 Jan '13, 9:14am
  • allanh
    vBulletin 5.... so slow
    by allanh
    I have been a user of vBulletin for nearly 11 years now and I have run several forums in the past. I must say that it has been the industry-leading forum software for as long as I can remember.
    Sun 27 Oct '13, 5:26pm
  • Miykichii
    Innovation is needed. My 2 cent
    by Miykichii
    I really hope VB Devs and IB come together and sit down and start examine what they did wrong with VB5 and start rebuilding it. Here are my feedback and advise. My opinion is that I don't like VB5 so...
    Thu 7 Mar '13, 7:40am