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Unable to purchase VB5

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  • Unable to purchase VB5

    I really would like to buy the latest VBulletin, as I need to update my old VB3.8 installation.

    Unfortunately the Ordering/Cart system seems to not allow me to actually pay for the software (or maybe it just keeps taking my money and not actually confirming my purchase)

    A couple of other people seem to be having similar issues.

    It seems ridiculous that in these tough trading times for businesses, Vbulletin can actually be turning good money/business away

    Can we PLEASE get this fixed ASAP!!!

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    Read the reviews on public sites, before you purchase.



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      I understand that VB5 may have issues, but I actually need to update an old VB3.8 installation, hence the need to purchase the latest version.

      Even so, I am AMAZED that the company seems to be treating it's customers so badly. I've emailed the Sales Team, and a complete lack of urgency to take my money. I even phoned the Sales Team yesterday, and since I had already raised a ticket, they told me I would need to wait for a response to that.

      Who the hell owns the business? Do they REALLY not care about making any money?


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        Hi BrAinZ- We apologize for any inconvenience during your attempt to purchase our vBulletin software. I will reach out to you via email and will straighten this out for you. We appreciate your business and thank you for your patience.


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          Thanks. Even tried phoning you just now and your team can't take a payment over the phone without a manager around

          I'm phoning back in an hour..... PLEASE sort it then!


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