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Transfering or Absorbing a Forum

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  • Transfering or Absorbing a Forum

    My friend runs a large NFL related forum. Its been around for quite some time. He wants out. Heres some technical FYI

    Some Technical Expertise FYI:
    * Website running on CentOS Linux w/ Plesk Control Panel
    * Forum software is vBulletin which is PHP5 based using MySQL database.

    Other than the domain registrar transfer fees moving the domain ownership should be easy. The linux server might be trickier. Currently the site is on a linux server hosted at GoDaddy. Not certain if Godaddy will simply transfer the server to another account.

    My question is if i just go ahead and purchase a new VB forum. Would i be able to transfer all the threads and posts from his forum? In other words absorb his forum into mine. A merge of sorts?

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    What you will need is a full database backup of the forum. If avatars and file attachments are stored in the file system you will need those file backups as well.

    If they are using vBulletin 3 or 4 - and you are using the same ir high version of VB 4 but NOT VB 5, there is a "vBulletin" importer for Impex that should allow you to merge two vBulletin forums. All the links however for the old forum will change / be lost. If you need to keep the content / search ranking it would be better to run as two separate forums,

    Here is a link to the Impex manual-


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      Thanks for the response. Also was wondering if he wanted to just transfer it over to me and remove himself as an admin would that also be a possibility? Or is it always his forum since he purchased it.


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        Why would you want to buy another copy of vB? More then likely he is not running vB5 (crazy to be) and you can't purchase anything but vB5 (granted it comes with the ability to run any version below vB5 - you don't want anything to do with vB5 on a large board).

        Just have him transfer ownership of his vB lic to you. He will have to contact vB
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