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A problem with installation

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  • A problem with installation


    I`d like to make a topic in Priority Forum Support, but I can`t - don`t know what have I do for it works: I have license, activated account on forum, done everything in priority forum isntruction, but - I can`t write there.
    So - help me with my problem

    - Before I used vBulletin 4.2.0
    - Last week I bought a new license for vBulletin 5.0 connect
    - I installed it, but I have a problem with database forum 4.2.0 used

    I used it with zCarrot language pack for vB 4.2.0, and shuted down FRIENDLY URL option.
    Now - I don`t see this option in new vB and all the links are friendly, how can I shut them off?
    I have a problem with them, because I didn`t used friendly url in 4.2.0 and before, I always shuted them because they are too long in russian.

    How can I shut this option in vBulletin 5.0. Is it possible?
    If it is not possible - how can I start back my forum with my old database from 4.2.0 with shuted friendly urls

    Please help. Sincerly, new vB5 user

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    I am unable to move this topic but I see you are now showing as licensed and have access to the correct forum. Please make any followups in the correct forum.

    There are no URL options in VB5 right now, we may bring back some more URL options in future versions.

    If you have a database backup before you upgraded you would need to restore from that to get back to VB 4.2.0, there is no way to downgrade the existing VB5 installation.


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