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    1. I want to buy vb5/4 and i want to ask if there is any hebrew translation pack for this versions
    2.I need for my community the ability when user register they have the option to choose groups (that is set in advance)
    3.I need also the ability for "close" community that work on "invites" only invited users can get access for register (i know that there is few addons for that )

    I am asking both of the systems vb4-5



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    1) There is no Hebrew translation of VB5, we wouldn't recommend using a foreign language on VB5 at this time. The latest Hebrew language on this site is for VB 3,x-

    There may be Hebrew language packs available on other sites, but not here. Hebrew is not an official translation at this time.

    2) This is not an option in any version of vBulletin. All users get put in the Registered Users group- You can set up additional groups but they don't join at registration.

    3) Again, invite only isn't an out of the box option. It can be done with add-ons, or creative use of the anti-spam "Random Question and Answer" system. If you make only 1 question and make the answer the invite code it will basically only allow people with the invite code to register.


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      there is going to be any "formal" Hebrew translate for the system?
      if I find this kind of add ons or hooks (choose group and invite system) its ok to use it? its legal?


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        another question if i can ask do i get access to community to ask question and get all the support they offer


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